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Powder Paprika

Paprika is a red powder which is made from grinding dried sweet red peppers. It is used for seasoning and to garnish. Its color differs from bright orange-red to deep red that depends on the peppers used. Seeds are discarded from pods, pods dried and then grounded. As pods are tough, assorted grindings are essential for producing powder with proper texture. Commercially paprika comes from Spain, California, South America and Hungary. There are six types of paprika in Hungary that ranges from delicate to hot. In order to maintain stronger taste of the expectation of consumers, spice companies may add cayenne to heat up Hungarian paprika. Paprika is also used to add color. When heated, paprika releases its flavor and color. Capsicum plants have bell shaped fruit with variety of names that depends on type and place. In European countries, it is called paprika and is also referred by its color. The Dutch words “gele paprika” and “groene paprika” refers yellow and green fruits respectively. But in Polish, Hungarian German, Korean and Japanese, the term “paprika” is used for either the fruits of bell pepper or even hot pepper. Sometimes, the word paprika is used for pungent and hot spices which are made from hot peppers. This seasoning is used for adding color and flavor to many dishes particularly Hungarian cuisine. It provides exclusive culinary experience and when it is prepared by drying the fruits naturally instead of high heat of commercial preparations, it provides a great source of Vitamin C. Generally, the paprika spice ranges from deep blood-red to bright orange-red in color and the spice is tended to be mild. Nevertheless, hot and more pungent forms of spice are known as paprika is known, although the hot varieties are not made from bell peppers but chili peppers.
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