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Daal Chana (Barik)

HELATH BENEFITS OF DAAL CHANA 1. Great for the Heart Chana dal is also known as baby chickpea. A diet rich in chickpeas can help in reducing bad cholesterol in our blood according to a study published in the journal, ‘Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism‘. Keeping our cholesterol levels in check is important for a healthy heart. 2. Strong Muscles The ‘Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health‘ emphasizes on the role of protein serving as a building block for our muscles. If you want stronger muscles, eat chana dal as it has 13g of protein in every 100g serving. It is a great source of vegetarian protein. The chana dal benefits are amazing for muscular health. 3. Better Body Immunity Again, due to the presence of high protein in chana dal, it supports our immune system, gearing it up to fight any infections. The correlation between protein and immunity was also mentioned by the ‘Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health‘. 4. Disease Prevention This is one of the most important chana dal benefits. The folic acid in chana dal is rich in folates. Folate is essential in the prevention of diseases like stroke, depression, dementia, among others. This is supported by the ‘National Institutes of Health‘. 5. Healthy Bones and Teeth Calcium — we have known how important calcium is for healthy bones and teeth. If you don’t like drinking milk or run at the mention of any dairy product because of your lactose intolerance, eat chana dal. Research published in the ‘Clinical Interventions in Aging‘ journal found that adequate calcium intake can help in preventing osteoporosis and improve bone density. 6. Lowers Blood Sugar About 11% of chana dal is made up of fibre. The journal ‘Nutrients‘ published a study that found that increasing fibre intake can help in lowering blood sugar. Organic chana dal is especially good for type 2 diabetics. It has a low glycemic index too. 7. Aids in Weight Loss Rich in fibre, organic chana dal in excellent for weight loss. The journal ‘Obesity‘ published findings that legumes chana dal also increase the feelings of satiety. When you get satiated faster, you consume fewer calories. 8. Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties One of the greatest chana dal benefits is that it has no trans fats. Full of healthy fats, you can munch on chana dal without a worry. According to ‘Harvard Medical School‘, healthy fats are essential for treating inflammation.
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